How to do the RSCE Export Pedigree from outside Spain

marzo 28, 2015

Hello again,
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today I am goin to explain how to do the export pedigree application of a dog with LOE (the Spanish pedigree book number) so it could be registered in the new country Pedigree Book.

I would like to warn you that this article is for informative use only and before doing any application you should contact direcly to the RSCE for being sure that you are doing it correctly cause every year the tariff change and also you will need to contact for the bank transfer. 

The steps are easy:

1. Firstly , the new owner is the only one that could process the paperwork necessary for the export pedigree.  The old owner or breeder, only could sign up the transfer of ownership that is in the "justificante del LOE" or pedigree. 

2.  The new owner could send the application for the export pedigree from his or her country, sending the necessary amount for paying the sum of two tariff to the RSCE, the tariff for paying the export pedigree, of 3 or 4 generations , plus the tariff for paying the post to its country. There are different posts tariff depeding on where you are located. It is important write or call the RSCE for confirming the Bank account information and then to confirm again that they have received the money correctly . You could consult the tariff for every year in this link and  at
You could contact direcly the RSCE in their website.

Example of the tariff for 2015, for a 3 generation export pedigree is 50 euros and for a 4 generation export pedigree is 55. In case your dog do not have full 4 generation genealogy registered in the LOE , they will send you only the genealogy they have already registered. So take this into account that some genealogies could have RRC (no LOE) registrations, dogs that have been approved by  a judge of the RSCE to be in the RRC genealogy book but do not have proper full 4 generation pedigree. It could happens a lot in Spanish breeds with open books but also could happens in other breeds. So if you are looking for a full genealogy you should ask the owner/breeder for the full genealogy and the origin of the bloodline for being sure you will not have surprises. Of course I reccomend looking for LOE and not RRC, cause a RRC is never a full genealogy, except in the case you are very informed about the origin of the litter or it is a litter of a Spanish breed, specially hunting breeds, cause normally hunters do not register their litters but their dogs are purebred.

(Photo from the RSCE website, date 28 de March 2015)

Example of tariff for the post shipping service in 2015

(Photo from the RSCE , date 28 March 2015)

Example of the tariff to pay from outside Europe for a 4 generation pedigree, 
 55+9= 64 euros.

3.  Last step, after the RSCE confirm they have received the money, is sending by certificate post, the documentation (Justificante del LOE o Pedigree) properly signed up by the old and new owner, and with all the information necessary for the new owner address, phone number, ID number, and it is a good idea too send the copy of the bank transfer proof. 
The address of the RSCE in Madrid is:
 Real Sociedad Canina, C/ Lagasca 16, Bajo Derecha, 28001, Madrid. 
When the RSCE have ready the export pedigree on name of the new owner they will send to the address that appears in the documentation, if you need it to be sent to other address contact the RSCE and advise them. 

4. When you have finally the export pedigree on your name, it is necessary going to your Kennel Club to register in your country. You could see your Kennel Club in the FCI web Some countries do not depend of the FCI, for example the Kennel Club (in UK) y del American Kennel Club anyway the export pedigree are totally valid and could be registered there too. You will need inform yourself and follow the steps of the kennel club of your country. You should know that the export pedigree will not be valid in your country until it is registered in the pedigree book there, so you could not show or breed from a dog that have a export pedigree of a foreign country and has not been properly registered.

Each country will have different process for the resgistration of foreign dogs. Here you could find the link to the application for of the American Kennel Club.

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