Avrora iz Zhasminovogo Dvortsa , Aurora

enero 26, 2016

Excuse the bad hair of Aurora in this pictures but please do not be fooled by that. A great pekingese is not just a ton of coat and Aurora is such a nice female that she does not even need to be in coat to fall in love with her.
She came to our home at 9 months old from Kennel iz Zhasminovogo Dvortsa, from Jana Novikova in Russia and we are very lucky to have her here at LionDance.

As I always say, the real quality of a stud or brood bitch could only be seen in their progeny. Aurora have proved to be a stunning bitch in all senses, she have had already 2 litters of 5 pups each and both in wonderful easy free whelping that she take care with great maternal skills. Her first litter was out of Ch Roll-About´s Mr Sudsy Malone and whole litter was stunning, two of the puppies went to USA, CH LionDance Hey Jude and BIS Puppy LionDance Lady Bubbles. Her second litter was out of Multi Ch Kirikiño Andre, another stunning litter that make me very difficult to pick up a puppy for me.
Aurora pass her great topline and tailset easily to her progeny, also her beautiful open head, wonderful healthy nose, and correct size, round and very dark color eyes. She is a wonderful movement and we can see it in her pups too. She has mature well in the last year, finishing the head so nicely, I totally need upload new pics of her. Her front is lovely too with very tight elbows and nice heavy chest. She is around 5.8 kg of pure bone and structure,  I consider her a perfect size for a brood bitch, not too big or too small but heavy, full of bone and structure. She is very active, breath wonderfully well, quite athletic even, she loves to chase the cats. You won´t see her panting heavily even in the hot summer or after running around.
Yes, we love Aurora .

Here some pics of her progeny.

Link to full pedigree - Link al pedigree completo

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