The 1956 Toydom Pekingese Wedding Puppies Video - El vídeo de los cachorros de pekinés de Toydom en 1956

diciembre 28, 2013

This video has became a hit in youtube, at this moment has over 156.000 reproductions, however I know this video since before it was a hit, and I can understand why is so popular now. It is a video with all the necessary for being curious and hilarious for general public. Pekingese puppies customised in a kind of wedding like puppets? Knowing the breed I think it is quite easy because all pekingese puppies, pekingese in general , are so well manner and do bother too much if they have to pose with a custom (actually I did something similar with my pekingese when I put on them ewooks customs and made a video of this). This video has been also very commented on online newspapers, blogs, forums, etc..
Many people has commented about this, but not many people now the history, and story, behind the person that is holding the little puppies. 

I really think it is very important for a pekingese breeder know as much as possible of the history of his breed, and of course, the stories behind the breeders. So I will share with you some information about the Toydom Pekingese Kennel, some photos also, so you could have a better picture. And also the completed video where are more pekingese, and the champion Toydom Ts-zee

According to Anna Katherine Nicholas, in her book "The pekingese" Alexandra C. Williams registered her prefix in 1920. Her first peke was bitch that she got without her father´s knowledge and she had hidden in her room. Of course finally her dad discovered the puppy, but he felt in love also with the little dog. I would like to know how old was she at this time... When she bred her first litter she sold the puppies because she wanted save the money for pekingese of better quality to start breeding her own bloodline. Then she bought another female pekingese, that was sold to her because was not good in the ring. Alexandra practices a lot and trained the "Shrinking violet" and when she was ready she went to the competition, gained the challenge certificate and soon completed her championship. 

After her first champion, Mrs. Williams built up the Toydom kennels over many years making numerous champions, Ch. Toydom T´zee , a particolor won the Best of Breed at Crufts in the same year that this video, and appears in the original video also!! That dog was able to win 18 Challenge Certificates, and he is behind many modern champions.  Her last champion won his title in 1960, Ch. Toydom Sunshon Tsun, so she bred at least 40 years!!

In the sixties the kennel was slowly winding down, "due to Alez William´s full-time commitment to daughter Candy´s equestreian pursuits", but Mrs. Alexandra Williams continued active in judging engagements, and "committee work as Chairman of the London and Provincial Pekingese Club, and being a committee member of the Ladies Branch of the Kennel Club". 

After she died, he daughter Vandy Williams and her partner Adele Summers started showing again in a new winning age of more Toydom Pekingese Champions.

UK CH Toydom Chi´en Yuen
UK CH Toydom Sambo of Harborough

UK CH. Toydom TsZee, Crufts Best of Breed in 1956 and 18 Challenge Certificates.

The new Toydom generation: UK CH Toydom a Touch of Class, bred by her daughter, Mrs. Vandy Williams and her partner Mrs. Adele Summer

I think we are lucky to have this hilarious video of that peke breeder. It is a remarkable piece. When people watch it just laugh, or bother, but I enjoy every second of it ,people that think it is animal cruelty do not know how calm are pekingese and that they actually enjoy be the center of attention. They better could just go to see a bull fighting so they could realise what is actually animal cruelty

I am so grateful to Mrs. Alexandra Williams to let her being recorded just playing a pekingese wedding with some puppies and having some fun for the British audience.. and now for allof us.

Hope you enjoy !!



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